Supreme Champion and Champion Stud Males

The Right Stud for your Females

Choosing the right male !

This is the most important decision – to improve the quality of your herd !

Choosing the right male for your female, being honest about the quality of your female’s and what traits your are looking to improve.

Using the correct male can give your herd a dramatic improvement with the resulting cria.  Its a long wait from mating to the resulting cria so choose well.

We are happy to look at your females and discuss what male we feel would be best for them.

Award Winning Genetics

Our stud males have been looked at by various judges and have been awarded Championships under each. I have sought out our males for the traits that they can offer not only our females but off farm females.

We have cria on farm from Houghton Daybreaker, Essex Stirling , Beck Brow Wildcard and Ashwood Monty and are happy to show you just what our males can do.

Supreme Champion

Houghton Daybreaker

DAYBREAKER oozes style with fantastic conformation and has a  stand out apperance and it doesn’t stop there. When you open his fleece !! WOW I was instantly captured by the density and structure of this young mans fleece. As soon and you open his fleece the alignment of the fibers from skin to tip along with the exquisite handle which demonstrates the fineness he offers at 15.3mic SD 3.2 with 100% CF. His last fleece for 2017 is still only 18 mic 4.0 SD as a working male.

DAYBREAKER is co-owned with Churchfield alpacas who along with us now have his first cria on the ground and we are both agreed that this male has had a huge impact on our herds ! Daybreaker is now a double Supreme Champion male and has 7 Championships to his name. He is now retired from showing to concentrate on his stud duties.

Drive By mating’s £500 incl VAT

Mobile mating’s £600 incl vat + mileage

Discounts given for more than one mating


Reserve Supreme Champion

Ashwood Monty


I was searching for a male to add the next layer to my Daybreaker females and i came across Ashwood Monty. When i saw this males fleece I knew he had the qualities i was looking for. 

Monty has a compact frame and excellent conformation. His fleece has a very advanced style with very dense micro staples. He has good density and has fineness to match making the fleece exhibit good organisation and style. 

Monty was  lightly shown due to Covid pandemic but prior to this he was awarded  the Judges choice at the Yorkshire Fleece show in 2020 and reserve Supreme Champion male at the Three Counties Halter show in 2019.  

Monty is co owned with CASTLINGS Alpacas on the Isle of Wight were he is standing for stud services part of the  year and he is available by prior arrangement with either myself or Becky.  


 Monty now has award winning cria on the ground and has made an impact on both our  breeding programs with award winning cria. 

Fleeces Stats : 

 2019 Mic 17.4 SD 4.2

2020 Mic 17.6 SD 3.3

2021  Mic 20.6 SD 3.7

Stud fees £500 DB

Mobile mating  £600  discounts given for more than one male used.

Essex Stirling

Essex Stirling has produced some outstanding cria for us here at Hilly Ridge and also for some off farm females.

Stirling has a beautiful soft handling fleece which has longevity of fineness inherited from his mother Hillend Grace who at 9 years of age was only 20.9 Mic 4.2SD. Stirling exhibits a steel grey fleece with very little spots ( only two ) and none on the blanket area and when he produces grey this is replicated. Stirling also has a very inquisitive and nosy personality which makes him popular with visitors to the farm. .

Stirling is a champion male and is now retired from the show ring to concentrate on his stud duties

He is available to off farm females

Drive by mating £500 incl VAT

Mobile mating £600 incl VAT

discounts given form multiply matings.

 Beck Brow The Accomplice 

This male was purchased along with Wildcard for the awesome mix of tried and tested genetics which we are sure will take our breeding programme to the next level. The Accomplice is very well grown for his age with a statuesque frame, good bone and a look at me head style . Both he and  Wildcard are from and are  from prepotent genetics,  both working early into there second year. I have been an admirer of Beck Brown On The Money for quite some time and when we were given the opportunity to purchase his son there was no hesitation in adding him to our breeding program. This male has a wealth of colour in his background and this year we are putting him over our light and white Daybreaker females in particular 

His fleece is stunning and uniform in  colour over the blanket area and within the staple, it is dense very bright with an exquisite handle and when laid on the skirting table after shearing I was very impressed with the consistency  of style but also  uniformity of micron within each staple. His fleece has above average density a trait you would expect from the powerhouse of genetics behind him.  


We will be offering very limited outside services to The Accomplice  to select females and he will predominately be kept in house at the moment. 

£700 mobile mating.

£600 on farm  

Beck Brow Wild Card

Beck Brow Wild Card 

Wild Card has such a beautiful rich brown fleece, which has to be felt to really be appreciated. It is so soft handling, very uniform in micron and colour throughout, fine and exceptionally dense. This level of in a dark coloured male isn’t seen every day.

Wild Card is a compact male who is conformationally correct with a very attractive head type. He is very well mannered and easy to handle, and loved his time in the show ring, showing off his sashes with pride. His first outing was to the Northern Alpaca Show where he was awarded Brown Male Champion and overall Brown Colour Champion in a large competitive colour section. His second outing saw him awarded 1st Intermediate Brown Male and Reserve Brown Champion in a close ran race for the Championship.

Wild Card has a real depth of high-quality genetics behind him and these have all played their part in the creation of such an exceptional brown fleece. Gilt Edge Samurai of Beck Brow has undoubtedly played a large part in the level of density, with Bozedown Achilles providing the fineness and very soft handle and add in Waradene St Patrick, who has proven himself a crucial ingredient in so many top-performing coloured alpacas, you can see why Beck Brow alpacas rate Wild Card so highly 

Wild Card has a great deal to offer as a herd sire in any herd looking to add high performing coloured genetics into their herd. This male has an exceptional level of density with a background that suggests prepotency for this trait, having parents who are both exhibiting above-average levels of density.

Wild Card will be offered to a select few females for outside stud services. 

Prizes Won:

Northern Halter Show 2021

1st Intermediate Brown Male

Champion Brown Male

Overall Champion Brown

NEBAG 2021

1st Intermediate Brown Male

Reserve Champion Brown Male

Fleece Information

Date of last sample: 10th December 2021

Age of animal at last sample: 1 Year and 7 Months

Fibre Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Fleece Number of last sample: 2nd

Diameter (Micron) of first fleece sample: 17.60

Diameter (Micron) of last fleece sample: 19.00

SD of last sample: 4.20

CV of last sample: 22.30

Last sample % Fibre Over 30 microns:1.80

Last Comfort Factor (%): 98.2