Alpaca Walks

Come and meet the alpacas at Hilly Ridge. This is a wonderful experience for everyone from family, couples to children all age groups. Alpacas have the ability to calm and enchant you with there wonderful individual personalities. On an alpaca experience with us you will leave knowing a lot more about alpaca then when you came and hopefully you will be captivated and will leave with a huge smile on your face.

We pack a lot into your time here you will go for a lovely relaxing walk with the alpacas , then we of into the field with the mums and young babies,  then we will take up the challenge of the Hilly Ridge Obstacle course with a wonderful 1st place rosette up for grabs!

The experience lasts for 90 minutes however please allow two hours as we don’t want to rush!

Buy an Alpaca Walk Voucher as a gift!

If you do not see a particular date that is highlighted please give me a call and we can see what we can do for you. If you have any questions please give Jo a call on 0770 3005447 or drop us an email at 

-One alpaca per person. – £32

For this experience you will have your own alpaca for the walk, take the farm tour, feed the mums and babies and complete the obstacle course. You must be over 10 yrs old to walk an alpaca. Young people under 10 yrs will need an adult with them and therefore the Share an alpaca would be more suitable.


Share an alpaca – £45

This experience is to share one alpaca between two people for the walk . Ideal for friends that want to share and the option you need to choose if you have a child under 10yrs. Adults need to share with a child under 10yrs. This also includes the farm tour, feed the mums and babies and both of you will get your own alpaca for the obstacle course.


Accompany walker – £11

This option is for someone that is not walking an alpaca but maybe wants to come along with friends and family to take photos. This also includes the farm tour, meet the mums and babies and you even get a chance to take part in the fun of the obstacle course. Maximum of two  accompany walker can be booked per group. If you need more then please contact Jo. 


Children under 5yrs – £7

We do accept children under 5yrs and its a lovely experience for them to be able to get up close the alpacas and the alpacas love ‘ Little People ‘ however they must be able to complete the walk part of the experience and little legs can find this difficult so an adult must be prepared to carry them if needed. 

Children under 2yrs – £4

Must be able to complete the walk or be carried. The uneven ground makes it difficult for pushchairs so im sorry they cannot be used on the walks.  




We offer a discount to four people booking together. This package is for  group of four people or  children over 10 yrs who are old enough to walk their own alpaca. Each person will get their very own alpaca for the walk, meet the mums and babies, and the obstacle course.


Share an alpaca group

This package is for four people sharing two alpacas. This package is ideal for a small group or for a family group who would like to walk with children on a walk. Choose this option or the single share option if you are have children under 10yrs as they will need to walk with an adult.