Alpaca Poop

The alpaca Team of ‘Poopers’ are on the job day and night!

They will keep up with your demand!

Alpaca poop is one of the best manure perfect for Veggies and plants

£2  bag collected from the farm . Sorry we can no longer deliver

If you could give me a call to pre order then I will have it ready for you when you collect. Collection on the day is possible if we have some that is already bagged

Call us or use the contact form to order.

Many thanks 


Alpaca poop has been proven to be one of the best natural soil additives for plants and vegetable. It does not burn plants and it can even be made into alpaca tea by soaking a small amount of beans in water overnight ( for plants not people ! )

It s called Green Beans or  Alpaca Gold by some.

In the summer we can mulch as above with a special machine as no extra charge. Or it comes in beans straight off the field and these dig in well as are slow release so last so much longer ad feeds your soil every time it rains 

The alpaca is a ruminant which means it has three stomachs – what goes through it filtered three times !. Alpaca manure is a lot lower in organic matter than other farm animals – Horses, goats  or sheep which allows the manure to be spread directly onto plants without burning them – all due to their efficient digestive system.

The worms love it and it you want it bagged from our poop heap you get free earth worms too !

Alpaca has the Highest Nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash (NPK )  of any natural fertilizer. it has the highest level of nutrients and has the ability to retain water .Your plants and veggies will love it.  People who have used it have told us they are amazed at how their plants and veggies have thrived ! At Hilly Ridge the alpaca team work round the clock to produce enough for your garden !!! and for Jo  Anne !

We bag it into old feed sacks so we recycle our plastic too and sell it from the farm