Alpaca Keeper Experience

New Experience!

Limited numbers – £150 for two people.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go behind the scenes and work with the alpacas?

This is an opportunity to work with us as part of our team . You will be welcomed by member of staff and given a safety briefing and a talk about what to expect and what you would really like to do as part of your experience from a choice of activities.
The experience will include , feeding , turning out the herd into the field, the mucky jobs of mucking out and filling up the hay racks ready for them to come into the barn at the end of the day. One of the many activities we could be doing could be weighing the alpacas, scanning for pregnancies, Spitting the females off ( strange but its a way of testing for pregnancies ) Maybe toenail trimming ( alpacas ! ) , In the spring we maybe halter training the weanling or in the summer birthing an alpaca ! . This is an opportunity to get up close, behind the scenes as part of the team and learn how to handle, and care for the alpacas. We will teach you all about the alpacas and you will see their individual characters. This activity will be limited to a few vouchers which can be taken at various dates through the year. An opportunity not to be missed.

The experience will last for up to four hours and the times will be arrange at the time of redemption. You can bring a friend along with you to enjoy your experience and if this is booked for a young person then an adult will be required to be with you.